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Elaborated on the basis of the Extract concentrated of snail's dribble, that you assure the more purity of all his active principles. Specially-designed to offer exfoliation and deep hydration to your soft skin. Normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands, he prevents the irritation and stimulate his regeneration in natural form.


Bottle 330 ml.

Composition and Medicinal Properties

Snail Extract contains a complex of substances with specific actions on the skin, specially, nutritious repairmen, antiseptic and exfoliants. They stand out within this composition:

- The Alantoína: This substance ( whose chemical name is glioxil diurea ) is a cell proliferation's stimulant of the regeneration of the skin for encouragement. You help to eliminate the woven dead persons and inviables, substituting them for new textiles. Another one of his actions is to act like anti-irritant, preserving the skin from the action of acid or alkaline substances, soaps or oils.

- acid Glicólico: One present hidroxiácido in the extract comes from snail to a capable concentration to produce a soft elimination of the most superficial capes of dead cells, and promoting his substitution for new cells, formed under the alantoína's encouragement.

- Collagen and Elastin: Proteins that form splits important of the structure of the skin and that they enable to maintain it more firm and toned up. They find the skin's these components also in the snail's extract. - natural antibiotics: They are capable substances to act against present bacteria habitually in the skin, specially the Eschericia Coli, the Staphylococcus aureus, the Pseudomona Aeruginosa and the Propionibacterium acnes ( causing bacterium of the acne ), preserving from his infection.

- Proteins and Vitamins: They help somebody maintain the nutrition of the skin and they stimulate his metabolic capability.

Form of Use

Use on a regular basis.


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 January, 2008.
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