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Maintaining the fair weight; Looking like those who we are in reality: Ourselves true image. Dietté helps to improve our esteem improving our reflection in front of the other ones, improving the answer of the other ones and in front of us.
Dietté has been laid plans with the same dedication and her Quality than the family's rest of the products Wawasana: With plants selected, elected by his effectiveness and Formulas scientifically checked. Dietté does not require Of extreme sacrifices to demonstrate his efficacy.

•It is not commendable for women made pregnant, in her Nursing or during the menstrual period.
•The natural products do not cause the same effect In everybody.
•They can to the start of the treatment, some people Being but sensitive to component certain of this Product.

Type: Tea

Presentation:Box of 21 bag filters

Dandelion, Artichoke Sheets, Boldo, Sheets of Sen, Chamomile, Culén, Borage.

Reposing 1 or 2 filtering in a cup with water recently Once 5 minutes was boiled during 4. Consuming three weeks, resting one . Starting Again.
Take it after each food!

Ingredients Description:

ARTICHOKE ( Cynara scolymus L.)

Description: Herbaceous perennial, cylindrical rhizome, sheets caulinares You inform or divided, big, catkin in small head, Blue flowers to dwellings, you use up his catkin before To open.
Medicinal use: Hepatic, Colesterol, Estimulación of the gall bladder, Colagogo, ( favor To the vilis's elimination ), Emfermedades of the liver and the bladder.

DANDELION ( Taraxacum Offinale )

Description: Sheets furnished with teeth and held out, yellow flowers, be more than enough one I let out hollow stem, than like the handouts a milk When to break. The fruit is a silky- hairs ball than They are dispersed for the wind.
Medicinal use: Diuretic, the blood, For constipation, purifies Liver, Kidneys, Against the excess of cholesterol, decrease the obesity, Against the drop And her arthritis.

BOLDO ( Peumus boldus )

Description: A tree comes from opposed elliptical, oval sheets, Coriaceous, rough, somewhat aromatic. Pecioladas, music of Greenish and very gray color aromatic.
Medicinal use: Liver, Calculos biliary, Fortifica the I give indigestion.

SEN ( Cassia angustifolia )

Medicinal use: Laxative: You make easy the emission of soft feces, without colic. Purgative: You provoke the evacuation of liquid feces Little diarrheas, accompanied of stomach cramps ( colic ).

CHAMOMILE ( Feverfew chamomilla )

Description: 30 grass 70 cms, of height, of tiny sheets Lengthened, the yellow-colored flowers downtown, and petals Targets, sheets, flowers.
Medicinal use: Severe colics of the I give indigestion and of the bowels, In Order to combat her Depression, Es a digestive plant, Calma the hepatic pains.

CULEN ( glandular Psoralea L. )

Description: It is a shrub or tree that arrives to measure to six meters Of height. When child, this plant you have certain resemblance To the basil, and also his sheets have it; From there Comes his gross name albahaquilla. His sheets are Deciduas, that means that do not last for over a season, Falling withered to renew oneself at a later time. Music Also sheets that they find divided into portions, or Formed for several pieces, that is that they are compound. Medicinal use: Stomach trans-lathes, Empachos, Diabetes.

BORAGE ( Borago officinalis L.)

Description: Little own tree of the high-temperature regions, his sheets of Settings are short petiole and aromatic.
Medicinal use: Diuretic, Sudorific, Tos, Bronquitis, the blood Debugs, Emfermedades of the kidneys, Vejiga, Reumatismo, very efficacious Es Against measles and scarlet fever.


Green tea is high in antioxidants that can protect the body against cancer also helps maintain a healthy skin, soft and young. Its main features are: it is an antioxidant, diuretic, it dissolves fat, lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.


This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 16 March, 2008.
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